Art has no rules, no boundaries. Having said that, makeup, a visual art, isn’t something that can be constrained; you should wear it as you please and be creative as much you want. Apart from making you feel good and confident, makeup brings out a side of yours that you truly love. And, as a cherry on the cake, those plenties of compliments make you ecstatic!

It’s a common belief that a lot of eye looks render useless if one is bespectacled. However, simply modifying a few of your makeup basics leads to a lot of balanced and attractive makeup looks. Your glasses add a broad new dimension to your application process. Glasses draw attention to your face and complement your choice of eyewear. There are specific things you should know when wearing makeup with eyeglasses, to pull off the ‘geek-chic look’!

1. Use of dark eye shadows is a big no-no.

Dark eyeshadow needs a careful application to make sure that it is not overwhelming or badly defined. Dark eye shadows or the smokey ones can really make your eyes look wearied and dead. Rather, go with pastel colours. Lighter colours would light up your eyes behind those glasses and make them look cheerful. (Pandas look cute though!) Furthermore, you can invest in a good undereye concealer, specifically if your frames are dark. The reflection can make dark circles look awful. Further, use a shimmery tone precisely in the middle of the lid and a highlighter on the brow bone for maximum radiance. If you’re fond of the smokey eye look, save it for when you’re wearing contacts. For a bit of drama and dimension, use a medium shade in your crease and blend well.

2. DON’T match eyeshadow and lipsticks with frames.

Make sure you don’t buy a colour of glasses that will match with lipstick or eyeshadow. Use a more neutral pair of glasses. Don’t use any eyeshadow that even narrowly matches with the colour of your frame. Although, you can linger within the same undertones as your frame colour to get a bright and vigorous look.

3. Mascara on your lower lashes

Use of a smudge-proof mascara to avoid it being rubbed off on your lenses. Also, for most of you, applying mascara on your lower lashes is a little complicated when you are wearing glasses. Your frames can cast a shadow on an already dark part of your face, the undereye. So the dark bottom lashes will make you look sleepy!

4. Do not skip the eyebrows.

You often focus so much on what’s behind the frames that we forget to look up. Eyebrows can make or break your look. Always brush on and tweeze your eyebrows. Do always fill your eyebrows. You can make every look effortless with your brow game going strong! Fill in your eyebrows using a pencil or powder to make your eyes pop from behind the glasses. Brows on fleek! Eyebrows frame your frames. You may use a speck of brow gel to accentuate them.

5. Do not neglect your base.

We waste too much time bettering the eye makeup and ignore the most important thing – our base makeup. For a matte as well as a dewy person, it is crucial to have a perfect base while wearing glasses. Since your glasses give emphasis to your eyes, you would feel that you should focus on your eye makeup besides everything else, but that’s where we go wrong! To get a dewy, sunkissed skin, blend your foundation with a highlighter and apply evenly and you’d turn into a glowing godhead in a moment! Even out your skin tone with a concealer and a lightweight foundation so that your eyes can certainly have the limelight without any pesky spots. Furthermore, go for a yellow shade to effectively combat any dark or red discoloration.

Keep it safe or don’t make any restraints; glasses don’t inhibit you at all! Curled lashes with hella glitter and dark lips – expect all eyes on you!

Makeup is often considered as a way of concealing, instead of bringing out (which is not the right way to go). Utilize your glasses to your advantage to augment the features. Experiment with your looks and make your own rules!

By Amit Kumar Singh

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