7 Digital Marketing Strategies To Emphasize During COVID-19

As we talk about Digital Transformation, the optimistic aspect of COVID-19 is the substantial effect on behaviour change. Brands across the world are gradually coming to terms with the unstable business. Whether your company has temporarily frozen operations or has agreed on to carry out an innovation-driven remote working system, how you address your digital marketing strategy should be the main priority in these worrying times ahead.

The unpredictable disappearance of all channels in association with offline events and meetings, along with the rising boundaries on face-to-face business, poses a considerable challenge for marketers today. Soon, your future clients or customers are going to be reluctant in walking through a door and shaking your hand. And, nobody actually has any idea how long this will continue and whether this will lead to a longer-term transition.

1. The internet is exclusive for not being quarantined for quarantined consumers and brands, including the ones not having a social page yet

They all will require exploring its domains. If it’s a standard in your field of business to go out and meet new clients face-to-face prior to getting involved in business activities, adapting may mean contemplating and exploring web or social media platforms where connections can be made and nurtured.

During these times of crisis and pandemic, digital platforms will not disappear and will assert to be a dominant mode to reach customers. However, it certainly must be kept in mind that the existing global situation is awfully unstable and sensitive – so there are a few guidelines and good to know pointers to be kept in mind in order to thrive in the digital space in the current scenario.

2. Do not manipulate the scenario

The most immoral thing a brand can do is capitalize on anxiety. Yes, collecting and selling essential items and accordingly marketing and selling them in a time when there is a dire need can be categorized as a criminal offence in most countries. Investing your time and resources in a long-term benefit would be the proper measure here.

3. Analyze the power of e-commerce

E-commerce has taken a minor hit as well amidst all the turmoil, but one could infer that it will pick up much quicker, compared to offline selling. The pandemic may simply position e-commerce as a standard for every and any business in the coming times. This time you can infuse in content warehousing, building communities and strong SEO for the e-commerce domains.

4. There are plenty of technological & innovation-driven solutions

More and more businesses are exploring advances like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to engage with their target audience on online platforms. Similar engagement platforms such as Google are getting popular for both internal and external business discussions. You can easily work together with content creators and key opinion leaders in your profession to use the above means for awareness programs.

5. Reaching out to your anxious audience using digital platforms is the way to go

This commences by notifying your audience in a precise and organized way of how the pandemic will influence the way they buy or use your products or services. Delivering a sense of clarity to them before they reach you in a state of fear will go a long way in securing such an audience in the long run.

6. Brands must utilize digital platforms to spread awareness

Just being accessible on social media platforms for worried users can go a long way. You should also seek to clarify the confusion caused by myths and rumours flying across the internet; they are one of the primary causes of unrest in the modern world today. In such difficult times, personalised assistance and awareness is an incredible way to leave an impression on your users. Moreover, you could lighten the situation by extending utility by giving emphasis on how your products & services could help even the safe ones stuck in their homes.

7. A digital platform is an excellent way to spread any CSR or charity activities your business may be involved in

Numerous brands have undertaken activities or campaigns to support the needy. Giving back to the community is a step in the right direction during such times. With the help of websites and social media platforms, your charitable endeavours can really get profited with more reach and visibility.

Simply remember to strive and stay in your lane and act like a good human. Delivering relief in a way which pertains to your business offerings would leave a permanent impact.

It’s evident that the coming times will be struggling for a company incapable to adapt and innovate.

An effective digital marketing strategy can contribute so much more than merely an emergency fill-in. It could also continue offering long-term benefits when the world ultimately gets back to normal.

If you have refused from joining the digital world for whatever reasons, you just may not have an option now. Conclusively, adaptability would boost crisis-handling in possible future emergencies.

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By Amit Kumar Singh

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