Make-up essentials for your TRAVELKIT

Being fond of makeup or not, narrowing down your makeup kit to simply a few products could be a cumbersome chore, particularly when you’ll be travelling for a long duration of time with an intention to change up your look.

One of the best things about makeup is that you can change your whole mood by simply changing the shade of your lipstick. For maintaining a harmony between the restricted space as well as not compromising with your look, tag along as we share some essential items to carry with you on your journey so you can feel your nicest.

Umm… though not a makeup product, it’s vital to fetch a good sunscreen with you when travelling. The type of sunscreen will differ based on the trip you’re going on.

For instance, in case of a beach holiday, you’ll be needing a matte based sunscreen with a higher SPF. Likewise, an SPF 30 would work when spending too much time out in the rays.

Gels like that of aloe vera, watermelon, or cucumber are anti-inflammatory with cooling properties. Accordingly, they are chosen in case of sunburn. Plus, these gels give a shielding layer over the skin and secure moisture. They can provide relief in about any kind of skin condition dealt while adapting to the new climate.

Make-up essentials for your TRAVELKIT:

A long-lasting BB cream is highly inclined toward so that you won’t have to touch up all the time. Besides, it must give a pleasant brightening result when applied to the skin so that you don’t look worn out in the pictures.

This product can be ignored if you have dry skin or if you’re not travelling to a place with a damp climate. Good face powder is crucial to take with you, specifically if you’ll be in a warm, humid climate. A light application of this powder will keep your makeup in place all day and will hinder oil, sans drying your skin.

Owing to the compactness, an all-in-one pack is primarily advised. There are few of the labels that make such products with all of the three items: lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush, combined to one. They can be applied and reapplied on-the-go. Furthermore, it will keep your lips moistened and face vibrant.

A rosewater spray is a tremendous product to keep on hand while travelling. It can be applied in the morning or in the night as a component of your skincare regimen, or makeup setting mist, or even to freshen up your skin.

They are dandy handy in transiting or in a layover. The facial wipes remove makeup along with the dirt. They keep you fresh for the whole day and soothe the skin as they hydrate it.

Last but not least… SUNGLASSES

Sunglasses bring about a transition in your persona. A pair can transform your look to an ultra-mod or a dapper, adding that extra oomph required.

As travelling means walking in the alleys for most of the time, digging into the sceneries and the famous antiques and monuments, it also involves being under the sun. It further necessitates protecting your eyes from UV rays to resist getting sunburn. Consequently, it’s important to grab a set of sunglasses, mainly with polarized lenses. These sunglasses have lenses with a certain layer that diverts harmful sun rays from reaching and damaging your eyes.

Apart from polarized sunglasses, you might prefer to also deem selecting a pair with the compact frame to easily don them for hours.

You may add or exclude some more items as per your desire. That winds up our list of travel makeup essentials! We strive that you relish looking terrific (while travelling light!) on your subsequent trips.

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