June 18, 2024

About Us

About ME

Hi, My Name is Amit Kumar Singh a Digital Marketing Expert from India.

I have more than 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. I am passionate about Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, and Email marketing, online reputation management, Web Analytics, Web Usability, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Services We Offer

1) SEO

2) Social Media Optimization

3) Google Ads

4) Content Writing

5) Guest Posting

As I am working in a Digital Marketing Field. I have completed more than 35+ projects (Local and International)
I have worked with some international clients from (UK, USA, Canada, and Australia).

Our Specialty

1) Drive Organic Traffic.

2) Generate Leads for your business.

3) Improve website performance in search engine.

4) Website Optimization for search engine.

5) Local Seo.

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