June 24, 2024
Lakshadweep, India - 2024 Travel Guide

Lakshadweep, India - 2024 Travel Guide


Embark on an enchanting journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Lakshadweep, India’s tropical paradise. Comprising twelve pristine atolls, three breathtaking reefs, five submerged banks, and ten captivating islands, Lakshadweep beckons with its unrivaled beauty and immersive experiences.

Here are the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.

  1.     Minicoy Island
  2.     Kadmat Island
  3.     Bangaram Island
  4.     Kavaratti Island
  5.     Agatti Islands
  6.     Kalpeni Island
  7.     Thinnakara Island
  8.     Andrott Island

Minicoy Island

Visit this island for a memorable holiday at a scenic location. Among the Lakshadweep islands in India, this is the second largest. You can spend the entire day here lying on the soft sand bed and enjoying the beach views. The white sands, the crystal-clear seawater, and palm trees around the beach, everything clubs to paint a picture that you will never want to forget. To know the sea better, go snorkeling or scuba diving here. You will love watching the vibrant coral reefs and aquatic animals underneath! Afterwards, make a plan to visit the famous Juma Masjid. In the evening, climb up the lighthouse to catch the best views of the sunset and the island.

Agatti Islands

One of the most easily accessible Lakshadweep tourist spots is this island. Why? It’s because this is the only Lakshadweep Island that has its own airport. So, you can simply fly to the island from India and explore its wonders. When you reach here, the natural beauty of the place will instantly make you fall in love with it. As the island is only about 3 square kilometres, you can tour the entire area in a short time. Relax on the beach, play some outdoor games, devour seafood, do whatever appeals to you. But don’t forget to try some exhilarating adventure sports here, your options being kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Kadmat Island

Often referred to as Cardamom Island, Kadmat is a gorgeous archipelago to discover thriving coral kingdoms and exotic marine life. It is the most beautiful patch of sand where you can bask in the sun and admire the beauty of the serene blue sea. Besides gazing at its dazzling landscape, travellers also get a chance to indulge in lifetime experiences of snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and many other adrenaline pumping activities. Reckoned as the nesting spot for marine turtles, it’s a perfect place to explore the abundance of marine wealth. You can visit this bewitching hamlet for unwinding and enjoying special moments with your loved ones.

Bangaram Island

Sublime beaches, stunning topography, luxuriant plantations, exotic aquatic creatures are some of the major highlights of Bangaram Atoll that captivates connoisseurs and tourists alike. This teardrop shaped island is famous for nature’s bliss and unusual phenomena like bioluminescence. The sparkling sea at Bangaram looks stunning in the night due to phytoplankton, algae and jellyfish present in the waters. The scenic beauty of this atoll can easily cast a spell on the visitors as it has everything your heart desires. It is an uninhabited island where you get seclusion and time to be with yourself. Also, the island is perfect for honeymooners as it is a most sought-after romantic escapade that has a full-on romantic vibe.

Kalpeni Island

Our next recommendation is Kalpeni islands, which is among the Lakshadweep famous places to visit. What’s so special here? Well, you will get to explore three islands, as Kalpeni is an accumulation of these small islands. Also, the charming lagoon and the colourful corals make the island even more appealing. What else? You will also get to do a lot of adventurous activities here. Reef walking, snorkelling, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing yachts, whatever be your preference, you can try it here.

Kavaratti Islands

Escape from the busy cities and seek your shelter in this quaint Lakshadweep Island for peace. This little island has plenty of things to charm you and make your trip memorable. Firstly, the expansive white sand beaches and tall coconut trees dotting the beach will lure you. Then, you will be intrigued to dip deep into the turquoise blue sea to explore its beauty. And to do that, you can try scuba diving and meet the underwater world. Kayaking and motorboat rides are other adventurous activities available for you. And when you feel like touring some tourist attractions in Lakshadweep, you can check out the Urja Mosque and the Kavaratti marine aquarium located here.

Thinnakara Island

One of the remote islands of Lakshadweep, Thinnakara is a wonderful place for people who like to tread the off-beat paths. This dreamlike arcipelago is easily accessible via sea route as it is barely at a distance of 8 km from Agatti. All you need is to take a speedboat from Agatti to reach this little teardrop-shaped paradise that is absolutely a great choice for a peaceful vacation with family. Also, an ideal island for honeymooners, Thinnakara is often referred to as a romantic escapade for the newlyweds. You can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere here and also engage yourself in some adrenaline pumping activities.

Andrott Island

Andrott or Andretti Island is the largest island in Lakshadweep and is uninhabited by people. The scarce population and reduced tourist influx has maintained the beauty and charm of this island. You’ll witness the perfect combination of natural beauty and modernity here, which would make you fall in love with this place. Another highlight is the historical attractions here that enhance the significance of this destination. From ancient mosques to ruins of Buddhist monasteries, you’ll come across several such tourist attractions. You must visit Jumaat Mosque for the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah. This island is famous for its vibrant marine life as well, so you can spot a variety of aquatic animals here, including octopus. Foreign tourists can’t enter this island, though.